Saturday, March 31, 2007

and on the farm we had two

yes, we finally tracked down a lovely pair of girls
May and Sally
Sally has the blue halter, May has the red one and is shaggier right now.
the owners will swap lambs for them so they won't cost us cash
and we can even breed them
Owner is looking to either keep one mum and the baby (11 month gestation - YIKES)
or just the baby. cool by us
meet the newest woolley ones

and on the farm we had two more

just adopted a couple of labs from one of Fiona's classmates who's allergic
we'll see how it goes this weekend and if they're keepers or not
black lab is PIPER (female) yellow lab is Abby

fiona had a little lamb (or three)

and they followed her to school one day
ok, so Mum drove them to school and the primary kids all loved to pet the week-old triplets
and to bottle feed them (that was reserved only for Fiona's Class)
it was a hit and Fiona is my star!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Simon Turns Two!

Hard to believe ain't it?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Wonderful World of...

We're back to the blog. Finally jumped through all the hoops for the up and coming satin that is google and can now blog again.
Anahiem was a nice little outing for us. Simon got to go to both Disney parks, the traditional Disneyland as well as the newer Disney California Adventure (the same park really but this way they can charge 2 admissions).

On the down side, the house was broken into while we were away. Thankfully the neighbour was in a couple of times a day to feed the cats and she called the police and Karen who got a hold of mom who helped make sure everything was re-secured. AND that they stuck around till Tequila came home.
Not much damage other than the back door kicked open. Some small valuables etc stolen but could have been much worse. Everybody is fine.

Monday, March 19, 2007


It was a grand couple of days
TWINS born yesterday to one of our older mums
Karl and Liza
and now
our first (so far) surviving triplets! all girls
the markings on one are very unique
black feet and black circles around her eyes
We've been bottle supplimenting them as the mum is a bit dopey. Hey I'd be too with THREE!
they're warm and penned and all 5 doing fine on the last check.
Any name suggestions for them?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Lightening McQueen's gal

we're finally back bloggin
here are the cake photos including one that shows fiona with it LIT

Lorne: don't forget to put my moppets link on the blog
dave: great space for home office
have to come and see it sometime

J3: fiona loves her CARS and plays with them all the time
CLS&PBTB: ditto
Grandpa and Nana: black coat is great and we swapped the pants and shirt for a now fitting size just yesterday. Super for School this spring

expecting a new lamb or two today or tomorrow in the cold brrrrrrr day

off to make a super hero house for ENVIRO-GIRL (TVO Kids contest)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What's dave been doing since Christmas?

I've been busy like a beaver in the basement. See for yourself.
Before, the place looked like a, well, like a basement. most of the available space was my workshop. Then my dear company agreed that it was time I could start to Telecommute. So I needed a place to do so from. I've been using my computer in the space under the stairs since we moved in to this house over 4 years ago. And it just wasn't reasonable to spend 24 hours a week there. Really. I nearly converted the spare bedroom into an office, but we realized that sometimes, it pays to have an extra bedroom. So we cut the shop space in half, (and I'll have to put my large floor tools in storage: there goes the table saw, the band saw, the drill press, the sander, the dust collection system.) and turn it into a smaller hand-tool shop. So be it.
Now I'm in an 11' x 12' office, and it's done all but for the crown molding. I'll do that over the next week or so. I can spend my lunch hours fixing the details.

Susan picked the colour scheme, which is a Martha Stuart Butter White on the walls, and a "rusty nail" on the trim. The floor is cherry plank laminiate flooring, the desk is a super-deal from the clearance bin at the Office Depot, and the chair was half off at Staples as a floor demo.

CP Gives $1000 (pretax) for the telecommuters to outfit the home office, and that paid for barely a quarter of the renovations. But we put the love-seat in here, and there's a little electric fire place, so it stays warm while the rest of the house can stay cooler during winter days.

In the summer, it'll be nice and cool down here. It does lack direct outdoor light, but the overheads and the desk lamp are quite bright: I shouldn't suffer from S.A.D. too much.

I spent the money on a 22" widescreen monitor, which makes working on those Powerpoint presentations and spreadsheets tolerable.

Susan found a really nice "Media Room" french door, which is at the main entrance of the office. It has real character, and suits me well.

So here are a pair of before and after sets, from similar positions.

Friday, March 02, 2007

How many cakes can a Karen make, 'cause a Karen can make cakes?

Fiona is FIVE this weekend, and Mom Karen is busy making this Golden Birthday a special one. BEAUTIFUL work. Yummy too.