Monday, October 29, 2007

Some October pix

This year's official fall photo
Kids with their pumpkins BEFORE someone stole Simon's (bottom right). We will do a replacement today. The big one is from the farm.

Thanksgiving in Brantford

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

20 years on

Queen's University football game in October 1987.
with Eddies Dell and Jane
Queen's vs U of T October 2007.

A first football game for Corinne, Simon and Chloe

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Italian Mob Does Judy's Birthday

I finally got the first sort done of photos from Tuscany -- to separate out the ho-hum shots from the rest. The next pass will collect the WOW! shots from the "...and on Tuesday, we all went for a walk in Chiusi to see Etruscan tombs..."

I offer these for now, and will link to two online collections when I'm done. I'm sorting through about 1500 pix.

The Centurions and Gladiators at the Coliseum were fun.

Mom and JJ celebrated my birthday over one of the best dinners of our trip in a restaurant outside a fortress town in Tuscany called Montalcino.

We enjoyed breathtaking landscapes...
amazing architecture...
and classic countryside.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Birthday and a birthday and a half...

Happy Birthday to Gramma. We Skyped her this afternoon from Calgary, and Natalie played "Happy Birthday" for her on the piano. Natalie's now three weeks into Piano lessons, and she's loving it. I'd never dreamed anyone would be so entheusiastic about practising her piano.

On the work front, its stilly busy for me, and i'm taking a time out from doing project budget projections in the office to send this quick blog entry.
Here's a quick list of some pictures from the last little while.
Starting with my favourite, a sunset of Benjamin, Natalie, and three of their cousins walking on the exposed rocks (due to some seriously low water levels) in Lake Huron in August, at the cottege in tobermory.

Next are some images from our weekend trip to Field, BC, two weekends ago.

The falls are Takakaw falls. (5th highest galls in Canada!)

This is just a very artistic stump, on our hike around emerald lake.

And this is a corellian Bear dog, used for teaching bears to stay away from populated areas. But he's a big softie. We met him at a centre for the education of people about wolves.

This is a group photo from a class we spent with a 7th level Blackbelt who came in from Edmonton for the day, to give us some Pointers in our patterns. He's the guy in the centre, back row. He's just one year older than I am. and he's a 7th Dan...

And finally, here's a publicity shot of the music group from our church.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hot Time at Birthday bash

Gramma Celebrates her 70th with all who could be there on Thanksgiving weekend.
Chloe, Simon and Fiona glow with the full 70 candles on the yummy Corinne Special Cake.
October 13th is the day to say

Thursday, October 11, 2007

it's ginger time again

Fiona and her Ginger Bread House
thanks to gran and grandad
Jelly beans are most popular