Saturday, September 16, 2006

Nowhere to hide

I was taking out the garbage this week and some guy walking down Woodbine Ave. says to me , "Hey, did you work in Kuwait?"
I'm thinking, who did I have a conversation about Kuwait with lately. I said "who are you?" and he says "sorry I must be mistaken" and starts to walk away...

Hold on there! Not so fast...after some brief explaination, he introduced himself as Fadi Al-Rayes. I taught him grade 9 science in Kuwait.

Turns out he's graduated from Georgetown, lives in Kuwait and is in Toronto staying with relatives for a few weeks to write his GMAT.
Just happened to be wandering down my street, at dusk, and recognized me.

Waaaayyy to bizarre.

Pic has an inset of his yearbook picture the year before the invasion.


Judy Bradt said...

the world is way to small a place sometimes...glad it was a good encounter; who'd a thunk, eh?

Way cool!

Mom Bradt said...

How extremely amazing! He's changed, but I guess you haven't! I hope you'll keep in touch. There must be some significance to this encounter in the grand scheme of things. How absolutely wonderful.

woolley ones said...

that is the most bizzzzzaaaar thing!
looks like you did leave your mark on your studento's
and in a good way
good going teacher Lorne!

did he see your guitar or car or watch anywhere?