Sunday, May 31, 2009

it's not calgary but

yes, it's the last day of May
and it snowed up here
What is UP with THAT?
This isn't Calgary!

I think May wins for the fewest number of bradt posts but with the most things going on in our lives.
moving, travelling, events, school home, school at school again

the mom2mom sale was yesterday. We had stellar weather
and over 100 cars came through the gates at the drive in during the first 15 minutes.
Over 200 cars all day with at least 2 per car.
There were about 20 vendors - mostly used kid stuff.
they all want another sale
I don't know if I want the hassle of pr-ing it
it is good pr for moppets
and the drive in doesn't charge for the spot
we gave away the journals glenn made way back in ground zero days and binned in the basement forever.
We stickered them with a MOPPET SUMMER program and web & phone number on the front of each Plus we gave each car a bunch of packs of skittles thanks to wrigleys.
people were impressed

its just cold and blowy.
bike rodeo this coming saturday IF we get more volunteers to run it, if not, we take the bikes back to the stores who donated them - I am not burning out over this. it's been enough work already.
as a last ditch effort I emailed the schools to get teens who need their volunteer hours to call or email. I'll make the call on wed if it's a GO or NO GO

think I'll go colour with fiona.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a girl and her ...

here is a spring girl with her birds and nests
the POOFIE was a super score at a second hand store. all of $2.oo for a huge crinoline. WOW!
the Baltimore Orioles are nesting in our maple tree - a real nest like we've seen in books and pix all these years.
It's made of fleece (left from the shearing) and string and feathers too
the birds are so bright!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Public Disclosure

It's on the street...