Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hi, it's Natalie with the Calgary Weather Report. Today it rained all day, and we had to cancel our school carnival. Later, we had to stand outside for a FIRE DRILL, with hail pouring down on us!!! What genius decided to have a fire drill on a day like today?!?!? My friend Sarah and I managed to keep kinda-sorta dry by going under my sweater, but we really didn't want to get wet because it was right before our band performance and we didn't want to be soaking wet! Anyways, it calls for 10-20cm of snow tonight, and 5-7 more tomorrow morning. Cross my fingers it's a snow day(if it has to snow at all). All our trees are in full leaf, and really having trouble growing with the weather we've been having. In fact, the last time it snowed, just a little, a huge branch ripped off our nabour's

Friday, May 21, 2010

farm animal life

trying new ways to post stuff on the blog

duck pix

for those on dial up, here are some photos of our duck bath

dux and the tub gal

fiona in her bathing suit, has a bathing experience with her ducks.

fiona and her ducks

not every girl gets to have a bath with a real duckie instead of a rubber one.
and fiona had 4 in the tub wit her tonite
way fun
and way cool.

One more step toward the retirement fund

Here's Chloe sporting the latest in Sears summer fashion.

She was charming as ever.
Look for her in the June week 5 flyer for Sears.

Clean up Pretty good

last saturday was the community park cleanup. We hauled a bunch of stuff out of the park and Ravine. Our last load included a shopping cart and a bike out of the creek. Also had to take dad out of the creek as he managed to slip in twice (note the pants).that night we went to a wedding for one of Corinne's Colleagues. This picture also shows we clean up pretty good...

first communion shots

I don't think I posted any photos of our celebration day yet!
here we go!

classic shots
her and her boys (both fight over her at school to play together)
her "boyfriend" and her
with her Teacher
my fave shot with gramma and me and Fiona

some gifts = generous one and all

concert gal

Fiona performs her solo, followed by her duet and then the ensemble piece at her year end recital
2 more classes and she officially graduates to Sun Beams 3 in september.
we have a piece to work on over the summer though

moms day at grammas

some pix of gramma and the moms on moms day
hope you had a good one wherever you were too

Monday, May 17, 2010

a kids game

Take me out to the ball game...
A perfect day at the ball park Sunday. Halfway through the game at 4-1, Simon decided the final score should be 5-2 (for his and Chloe's ages) for the Jays over Texas, and it was!
We were going to head out after 7 innings but stuck it out longer and after the 8th we all got up on the JUMBO TRON!
That was way cool!
Should'a bought a 50-50 ticket...


Sadly, today marks the loss of Rapsody.

She was an quirky cat who took many years to settle in with anyone who didn't actually feed her. Corinne got her about 10 years ago and she logged many air miles in the interim.
She/we spent the last 7 months coping with some form of carcinoma on her leg. She had still been pretty much herself, happy and mobile, until now, it quickly become too much for her.
For all her moodiness around most people, in the last year or so, (Rappy, or Happy as the kids first called her) she came to be very comfortable and affectionate with the kids and they with her.

She will be missed.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Natalie's birthday party

We celebrated Natalie's birthday at the local recreation centre. The kids had a swim and then ice cream cake and presents in the party room. We did the group activity of kids lifting each other with only two fingers each. (For the record, we didn't drop any of the kids!)
Much silliness was had by all!