Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hallowe'en in Calgary

Natalie and Benjamin were a Snow Leopard and Darth Vader, respectively. OK, so it took 10 years for him to go as a Star Wars character. What about it?

Halloween at Gramma's

Simon the Pirate was one of the first visitors to the lobby party, and sat next to Gramma's pumpkin that he earlier took down to add to the decorations. Thanks, Fiona for the great painting and the great pumpkin! I think he liked his mustache and parrot too! Gramma

halloween pix

from tots n tunes with me as eyeore with pooh,
to the classroom party with Mr. Fitz the teacher and all the kids
to today's loot haul with dad as eyeore
it's been a fun halloween go
the wagon ride was her first class trip and dad got to go to the pumpkin patch too.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Pancakes & "Niko Takes a Bath"

Yesterday Benjamin make the pancakes! Such a treat to have the kids make breakfast on a Sunday morning. Today, the breakfast, tomorrow, the lawnmower....

And then there silly cat. Who decided to take a walk on the wild side. The side of the bull bath tub, that it. And guess what? He fell in. He fell OUT p.d.q. and was humiliated and wet. First, the picture, then, dry him off. Priorities, you know. After all, when you son gets his head stuck in the railing...

Friday, October 27, 2006

October Birthdays...

Gramma was in Calgary for her birthday, and had a great visit.

Then last weekend was Benjamin's bday: we went to a local hotel that has a double water slide, which explains why he looks like he got no clothes on. We took a break to do cake and hotdogs before going back into the water!

And Grampa send benjamin a cool raido controlled jeep, and it's been cruising around the newly carpted basement all week:

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Great Pumpkins Charlie Brown!

Corinne's 3rd and Simon's 2nd year of pumpkin carving.

The 2 larger ones are curtosy of the WWFarm.

ARGGGHHH! Meet Boots the Pirate!

Dad's Fall Picture Submissions

Here are four of the best shots from Vt. and N.H.
The bridge is the most photographed one in the state.

Dad & Arlene

More Falling

that's more like it. Views from our walk in Glencarlyn Park...

Saturday...in the Park(s)...and it's not the 4th of July...

(And what song is that from?) I had a meeting close to the studio, and that's why I got to see JJ in action. After the radio show, we had a wonderful lunch at a very very good pizza place, and walked a bit near National Cathedral before a drive home through Rock Creek Park. Later, we strolled in nearby Glencarlyn Park...wonderful light and smells...and I baked some Fudge Ecstasies for a neighbourhood block party today. JJ is out at the auto press fall car rally; I'm not very good at car rallies and so I'm having a quiet day catching up on gym workout, climbing, and a few other things...

Animal Identification

What animals are in this picture?

Radio JJG!

So this is JJ's studio lair, where he's to be found on Saturday mornings -- starting at 10 am next week, as co-host of Warren's Pit Stop, with Warren Brown, auto columnist for the Washington Post. That's him there with JJ. Then JJ will stay in the studio from 11-1 on another car show about auto maintenance...

You can always listen online -- just click here!

Friday, October 20, 2006

The winner is...

Judy! for recognizing her own dinner guests, Chuck and Lynda Robb in their wedding photo in some white house.
Here is the full photo we found last summer in a 1970 copy of "Paris Match" magazine in an old farm house in South France. Click the photos for the larger version.

and the cover of said magazine. Cover story is about De Gaulle's death.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Anybody see a dinner guest here?

Without the blurr it'd be waaayyy to easy.

dem yanks

Apparently they are going to be issuing/requiring long distance (that's the name, but it's only SUPPOSED to be 20m) radio transmitter imbedded mini passport ID cards for Americans crossing by land back into the states.
"Where's Bob?"
"Oh, we got him on radar squawking 1200 pickin' up some smokes in a 7-11 in Kingston"

Thanks big brother...

As of Jan '07 Canadains will need a passport to fly into the US, and as of Jan '08 it will be land or boat as well. Hey neighbour, won't that be good for business!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The rest of the Fall Leaves Weekend samples

Not a photoshop filter...

Simon and friend Constance with Corinne in a Park in Montreal

A really trendy little town in the Eastern Townships

Simon gets a piggy back ride

a walk at the lake in Magog Quebec

The church featured in the non photoshopped pic

Cool dudes

at a covered bridge a few hundred meters from the US border in the country side. At the border, in some guy's yard, there was a sign "You are in the United States of America, Report immediately to Customs." Which is presumedly in some town on the other side of the forrest...

another of Corinne's Chair series...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Pictures for David's Fall Photo Challange

Lake Memphremegog near Sherbrooke Quebec

Just another little lake.

Downtown Sherbrook parkette.

Lots of pretty leaves...