Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Then the important part!

Then there was the best part of all...visiting Woolley Ones! (Note the fine Birthday T-Shirt and the excellent collection of bed-heads at 6:45 am just before I departed on Sunday the 24th...seems like forever ago...) .

Do note, in the centre frame, a determined expression that I expect we will see a lot more of in the next twenty years...

I have no pictures -- yet, at any rate, of my trip to New York. In part, we weren't allowed to take any pictures of the sessions where we met producers and writers, and in part I was too intensely focused on what I was there to do (just that) than to change gears and be my own recording angel. But I did meet some fabulous new girlfriends, and just maybe they will forward theirs.

But here's one of me and Dad, who came out to hear me speak on Excellence in Entrepreneurship in Oakville on the 23rd of September...
And one of me at a site visit with one of my new clients, Defence R&D Canada (for whom I am a subcontractor doing business development for their human sciences team near Downsview)

and me doing another site visit and handling ACTUAL PRODUCTS (which I hardly ever get to do) of a Canadian company in Don Mills, Conros, who makes all the mailing supplies that the US Postal Service sells in its retail outlets. Imagine that! Who knew? Watch for the one-hand-bandit tape dispenser! Much nicer than those very dangerous tape guns!

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Lorne said...

New york? Producers and writers of what??