Thursday, January 29, 2009

feed the birds!

This morning, Glenn and Fiona gave me 2 bags of birdfood for my birthday.
Humf one may think - what kind of strange gift .... but no
turns out Glenn had a dream about dad
and Dad told him to keep feeding the birds
Dad made Fiona a birdhouse for her first birthday.
it got removed during wedding fix ups and is hiding somewhere safe, but needing a touch of repair.
With tight budget, we had put it by the wayside, but apparently it was important
and so
the birds will once again be fed outside our kitchen window
with loving thoughts of dad as they feast.

a fine birthday gift indeed!
and a box of hugs and kisses from Judy (sweeeet)
and calls from far and near.
We had a lovely dinner out and went to the Peterborugh Petes game
home again for a day off as a family tomorrow with a PA day.
Thanks for all the wishes!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Up The Ladder to the Roof

(Where We Are Now Very Much Drier)

Second weekend of the new year, we had a crew come in and do a long-overdue re-roofing. NOT that there is ever a good time to afford it, but we'd been losing shingles and getting some leaks around the skylights...and if the weather got really bad for an extended period, we knew we'd be in for big trouble.

The work was timely. They replaced twelve sheets of actual roof under the shingles -- the damage could have been worse. The back half of the house was in worse shape than the front, and now it's all beautifully done.

So...we have these wonderful warm brownish palette instead of white-grey, which suits the house well. The crew was terrific, very organized, and done in eight hours. Now, with the first snowstorm/sleet/wintry mix of the year pitter-pattering overhead, we feel all snug and warm.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

44th at 44...

I've never had any method to keep track of which president is which number. But With Obama, I know that the 44th president was sworn in when I was 44. So that works out ok.

I was in the Nisku Room on the 6th floor of Gulf Canada Square, testing recent applicaton changes for Track Crew Reporting. Not exaclty worth remembering, but that's where I was. AND I was listening to the acceptance speech on CBC streaming on the corporate internet, which is against corp polity, but we figured it was important. Besides, we kept working while we listened.

In other less earthshattering events, last night I did something that I've never done before in my life, and not less someting that I have been afraid to do for as long as I can remember. (dramatic pause) I dove off the 1m springboard BACKWARDS.

It starts off from this position, and then you just fall over backwards and enter the water hands first. I did it three times!
What is also amazing is how much WORK diving is. You'd think that jumping into the pool is easy. I figure it's like wathcing someone ride a horse: how much work can that be? But if you've ever gone riding, it's quite a lot of work. Same sort of thing, except you end up smelling like chlorine, instead of manure.

where were you at 12:05 pm today?

On a day that marks a shift in history .... where were you as Prez 44 was sworn in?
I was at Moppets in Omemee tidying up after the kids and moms left, listening on CBC radio 1

A last shot of Tequila

We sadly note the passing today of Tequila, one of our 2 cats, a well loved member of our household.  Tequila had been with Corinne since a kitten in France back in 1998 (before Rapsody in 1999).  She had flown across the Atlantic 3 times.  A well traveled cat.  She wasn't that old but was ill and hadn't been herself for some time.  
She went quietly an hour ago.
I talked to Simon about it.  He is still pretty matter of fact about these things at that age.  A few hours later he mentioned it and said, "Now Grandpa has a cat!".  
He did like cats didn't he.  Probably renamed her 'Sam'.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Snowboarding lessons...

Another "private" lesson on the snowboard last night. And I went over Jumps, and rode on a box, and did Ollies, and rode the half-pipe. Wa. Hoo.

Today, I'm sore sore sore. Tylenol is my friend. But it's a "good sore". Yeah. Fortunately, tonight's a night off.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Last night, I began my Diving Class with the Rocky Mountain Diving Club. This is diving-off-the-diving-board diving, not scuba diving. It's a very interesting sport, lots of nuance and details, and it all has to come together at the same time, or it's a (belly) flop. and water up your nose.

My instructor taught us about 25 things, and then said, ok, go off the board. Sure, we started slow, but after 2 jumps off the board, we went on to the next thing. What I need is 20 repetitions, not 2!

But its certainly something that one can go the local public pool and practice all you like. 10 weeks of that coming up. and the Flexibility requried is very different than the flexibility for TKD. So it's time for nightly stretches...

Snowboard lessons tonight, and I hope it doesn't rain. Yes, Rain after weeks of deep freeze. That's Calgary.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

back a week or two

Christmas Morning brought smiles from Fiona, seen here with Daddy for the toboggan runs after prezzies. The Turkey was dutifully done by wee one, under dad and mums supervision, Good thing as it ALMOST slipped off the counter! Tree destined to come down in the next few days.
LOTS of snow today. Moppets picked up 2 new families in each of 2 groups so far this week. Encouraging as always. Daddy on the night shift but gets to put Fiona on the bus each morning!
Updates on the moppet website include Santa and new years under EVENTS plus the Cat in the HAT.
CHEX is shootin us on Monday (BANG!) watch the website that night at 5:30 for feed or internet story I hope.
So what are YOU reading this January? What's hot on the nightstand that you can't put down before bed?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Local News

I finally got a copy of the local paper from the week before Christmas... click for the bigger version.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Calgary Christmas photo show

Here's some highlights -- view out the backyard, Judy getting ready for outdoors, Natalie climbing, David battling turkey, gift opening with Sue, Benjamin as Dungeon Master...