Thursday, January 29, 2009

feed the birds!

This morning, Glenn and Fiona gave me 2 bags of birdfood for my birthday.
Humf one may think - what kind of strange gift .... but no
turns out Glenn had a dream about dad
and Dad told him to keep feeding the birds
Dad made Fiona a birdhouse for her first birthday.
it got removed during wedding fix ups and is hiding somewhere safe, but needing a touch of repair.
With tight budget, we had put it by the wayside, but apparently it was important
and so
the birds will once again be fed outside our kitchen window
with loving thoughts of dad as they feast.

a fine birthday gift indeed!
and a box of hugs and kisses from Judy (sweeeet)
and calls from far and near.
We had a lovely dinner out and went to the Peterborugh Petes game
home again for a day off as a family tomorrow with a PA day.
Thanks for all the wishes!

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