Wednesday, January 07, 2009

back a week or two

Christmas Morning brought smiles from Fiona, seen here with Daddy for the toboggan runs after prezzies. The Turkey was dutifully done by wee one, under dad and mums supervision, Good thing as it ALMOST slipped off the counter! Tree destined to come down in the next few days.
LOTS of snow today. Moppets picked up 2 new families in each of 2 groups so far this week. Encouraging as always. Daddy on the night shift but gets to put Fiona on the bus each morning!
Updates on the moppet website include Santa and new years under EVENTS plus the Cat in the HAT.
CHEX is shootin us on Monday (BANG!) watch the website that night at 5:30 for feed or internet story I hope.
So what are YOU reading this January? What's hot on the nightstand that you can't put down before bed?

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