Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Up The Ladder to the Roof

(Where We Are Now Very Much Drier)

Second weekend of the new year, we had a crew come in and do a long-overdue re-roofing. NOT that there is ever a good time to afford it, but we'd been losing shingles and getting some leaks around the skylights...and if the weather got really bad for an extended period, we knew we'd be in for big trouble.

The work was timely. They replaced twelve sheets of actual roof under the shingles -- the damage could have been worse. The back half of the house was in worse shape than the front, and now it's all beautifully done.

So...we have these wonderful warm brownish palette instead of white-grey, which suits the house well. The crew was terrific, very organized, and done in eight hours. Now, with the first snowstorm/sleet/wintry mix of the year pitter-pattering overhead, we feel all snug and warm.

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