Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Last night, I began my Diving Class with the Rocky Mountain Diving Club. This is diving-off-the-diving-board diving, not scuba diving. It's a very interesting sport, lots of nuance and details, and it all has to come together at the same time, or it's a (belly) flop. and water up your nose.

My instructor taught us about 25 things, and then said, ok, go off the board. Sure, we started slow, but after 2 jumps off the board, we went on to the next thing. What I need is 20 repetitions, not 2!

But its certainly something that one can go the local public pool and practice all you like. 10 weeks of that coming up. and the Flexibility requried is very different than the flexibility for TKD. So it's time for nightly stretches...

Snowboard lessons tonight, and I hope it doesn't rain. Yes, Rain after weeks of deep freeze. That's Calgary.

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