Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hi, it's Natalie with the Calgary Weather Report. Today it rained all day, and we had to cancel our school carnival. Later, we had to stand outside for a FIRE DRILL, with hail pouring down on us!!! What genius decided to have a fire drill on a day like today?!?!? My friend Sarah and I managed to keep kinda-sorta dry by going under my sweater, but we really didn't want to get wet because it was right before our band performance and we didn't want to be soaking wet! Anyways, it calls for 10-20cm of snow tonight, and 5-7 more tomorrow morning. Cross my fingers it's a snow day(if it has to snow at all). All our trees are in full leaf, and really having trouble growing with the weather we've been having. In fact, the last time it snowed, just a little, a huge branch ripped off our nabour's

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