Saturday, January 27, 2007

Music For Moppets LAUNCHED at Family Literacy Day

It's official
with lots of support and help from family and beyond, Today at the Peterborough Square festivities for Family Literacy Day, Music For Moppets was launched.
The "happy feet" penguins had a case of Moppet Pox and were coloufully spotty on the top of the display
polkas and balloons were beacons for children and their parents
(all balloons were quickly snatched up at the close by kids who asked for one, but came back upon the end as requested by me)
I had lots of great feedback, media interviews & photo opps, met with past grads of Parent Child Mother Goose, asked to read and do songs at another event and next year too, got contacts for my new programs and for other areas I will tap into as time and planning permits
what a day
Glenn and Fiona were there with moppet buttons on and we even had moppet cups.
now for a break for a couple days to get back to the norm
cheers and thanks for all your background support to make this go LIVE LAUNCH!


Mom Bradt said...

Looks GREAT!!
I'm sure this venture will be a marvelous success. Congratulations....hugs...Mom

Judy Bradt said...

I'm so proud of you! It's always exciting when exactly the right thing comes along for one to do...congratulations on such a great launch. I know you'll keep us posted.