Sunday, July 29, 2007

news from J3...

Getting ready for our week at the beach, coming up. We'll miss you all at the farm, and hope you have a wonderful time together there. My climbing partner inadvertently gave me the push to get a new camera, when she accidentally dropped my previous one off a 25-foot cliff a couple weeks ago.

I bought a new Canon S-5 (see test self-portrait) bigger than the tiny things but has the flippy screen and the manual controls I wanted. Does impressive video that is instantly accessible (rather than hidden in a nest of menus, which is why I never used it in the Nikon) and has some very cool features I'm still learning about. Shutter lag is no longer a problem, the TTL feature is MUCH better, and the 0-0 super macro is amazing. It also has a nifty stitch-photo feature, that holds the image of the previous shot so y0u can line up the next one, as well as software to sew them together. Still learning how it works, but vacation should be good for that, and I will have figured it out by the time we head for Italy with Mom.

Today is my 20th anniversary as a pilot. That's fairly amazing, really. Thanks to each of you for your enthusiasm and interest at various points with my pursuit, and for being generally willing passengers (I remember taking
  • Lorne and David in a very turbulent ride in a 172, and somehow they trusted I'd get them down; and
  • the trip with Dad that is no longer available to general aviation pilots: up the Potomac river, across the middle of national airport, and then out to the east up the Anacostia River to College Park -- The DC Tour; and
  • the day trip Mom did with me in the Lance with a bunch of people up to Gatineau and back from Gaithersburg...)
It's been a great adventure, and I'm glad that it's a continuing one. If mental activity is one of the hedges against Alzheimer's, I'll take flying over Sudoku any day.

Climbing also continues -- nothing spectacular to report. I did a couple of outdoor climbs at Great Falls (including my camera casualty trip), the hike I enjoy at Old Rag (love to do that with any of you who come to visit!!), and will be doing another skill-building course in August. The week after we get back from Italy, I will return to New River Gorge for a weekend of outdoor women's climbing ("Goddesses on the Rocks", hosted by Sterling Rope) in West Virginia. I will be climbing indoors with my friend Linda in a couple hours.

The only upcoming travel I know about right now will take me to Saskatoon for the Western Aerospace conference on 24-26 October.

While it's early, let us know about plans for Christmas...we are VERY tentatively thinking of coming up to southern Ontario after Christmas but before New Year's.

Love to all,


Lorne said...

wow. 20 years of flying. hard to believe.
You are still the most diligent pilot I know!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy. I'd not realized that I had the honour of being your first passenger 'way back'(ouch!) in 1987! I recall some of my buddies thought I was a tad nuts to do so but I never had a doubt. You were very thorough with your pre/post flight checks and as Lorne said, diligent. Cool that you're still pursuing your passion for flying . It must be time for a flying reunion -:)

Take care; continued safe travels.

Cindy Wilcox, Toronto, Canada