Friday, January 11, 2008

Our trip north of France

A few pix from our visit to friends Nathalie, Bernard and their son Eliott outside of Brussells Belgium last weekend.
Chloe decided she LOVES carrot baby food from a jar.

I liked Waterloo for 5 years. Simon liked it for an hour. It's a start...
He will tell you who lost the battle of Waterloo, then ask you where Napoléon put it.
Yep, it's a genuine Belgian Waffle!

A windmill in Flanders.

In Flanders fields. We visited Passchendale near Ypres, location of one of the worst battles of WWI. Canadians had terrible losses here to gain a victory that changed the course of the war..

The Canadian memorial at Vimy, newly restored for the 90th anniversary last November.

Trenches at Vimy,

They preserved a couple of trenches, German and Allied. Here they were only 20 metres apart. A 'gernade throw' as the guide put it.
There are also many tunnels, a few 100 m of which are restored there that are closed in winter due to water and lack of staff to do tours. The lone canadian exchange student at the visitor center was bored enough to close the center and take us on a private tour through them. some pics on the other camera will have to wait till later to show you.

Chloe's baptism is tomorrow. Lots to do.

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