Friday, June 20, 2008

mid june in the north


Dad's day came and went. Lorne was up at the farm to get ready for the wedding with a family work weekend. Lots done, looking good. Fiona made a fully illustrated shirt for daddy.
Simon found a cool speckled egg - since it was supposed to be just plain brown - that was exciting.

And this week = on THURSDAY was the last Buckhorn moppets. The reason I started it all - Miss Fiona - now going into grade one puts her in school full time. SO the program that I ran free for 5 years came to a cheery end. Moms will quite miss me and I hope come to the other locations in the fall. Some are signed up for the summer. Some go back to work.
I've over a dozen families prepaid for the summer program. Lots to still do.
Vet due over this am for llama check
Shearer didn't make it last night and will try again tonight.
more as it happens.

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