Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Midnight some 27 years later

No pictures for this post.

None the less, here it is, a link to our favourite ghost of Christmas past...

It's about 10 min.  Feel free to skip on ahead.
Do you remember the big styrofoam letter phrases across the back of the alter?



Judy Bradt said...

a very sweet ghost indeed. No chains attached.

Judy Bradt said...

"Fall....on your face..."
..Ron McCabe...

Judy Bradt said...

More evocative than you can know -- not least because I was there too, not very good at blending into the vocal mix. I remember Dad in a gold cardigan -- though maybe I am merging images with the Lovin' Sound photo -- with the sprig of holly that I still have in the guitar case festooning the top of the guitar. That recording was from a morning mass, as I would have been too young to do midnight mass that year. The soloist is Maureen Nadon. But it still makes me think of the hush that would fall over the church as the final caroling was about to begin, and the smell of the incense during the procession walked in at midnight in later years to "What Child is This?" I didn't think of it at the time as a father-daughter occasion, but it's easy to do that tonight.

And hats off to Mom for producing the show, on so many levels -- she ran one heckuva backstage operation, so seamless from the front side, making it all work, from making dresses and styling hair to getting everyone to the church on time.

Merry Christmas, everybody... May your memories be Marian Bright!