Sunday, November 08, 2009

cigarette trees

Don't know how it came up today but I had the tune Jimmy Crack Corn in my head. the wonder of frostwire and youtube brought back the whole song along with 'big rock candy mountain'.

I probably haven't heard those in like 40 + years (ok, the jimmy crack corn one was a candy corn commercial in the 70's or 80's but that doesn't count). I remember Dad singing those and playing guitar for us.
did you guys know what they are about? One is a slave tune about his master being killed and the court not charging him with murder and the other is about depression era hobo/bums dreaming of cigarettes, cooked food and all the booze they could drink at their disposal. I wondered where dad picked it up from. Ann said that grandpa played guitar. I wonder if he played it for them when they were kids.

Odd little bits still rattling around from those days.

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