Monday, July 05, 2010

another day at woolley wondercamp

today started with cereal with the kids (doesn't everything wrap around food anyway)
Fiona headed off to Hope Valley Day camp. then to shop for groceries and fresh supper veg, A few attempts as skyping the parental units worked ok. Then - you guessed it! Time to make lunch.
HAY was due to arrive but not till the afternoon so we scooched over to the hickeys for an hour or so at the beach.
Chloe wanted to nap at home so Simon and I did the egg collecting, tried to visit the wild ducks, but didn't see them, a barn visit then play on the porch in the shade and hot breezes. Tractor man arrived to put the hay wagons in the barn, then scramble off to get fiona at camp (another happy camper)
Dinner, haying, farm animal good nights, install the air conditioners and now it's quiet
and on to tomorrow's busy schedule.

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