Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some Haikus

Here are some haikus I wrote for school. The teacher gave us some questions, and we had to answer them and write a poem with them. Anyways, here they are:

Go catch shooting stars

On your tongue, can it be done?

I do not think so

If your hair’s dirty

Rub it with dry oatmeal

It won’t do a thing

Tolerate balloons

No matter what sense it makes

Because it makes none

Can you teach your hen

To make you some chicken soup

If it’s made from her?

Can a great big axe

Apply powder to your nose?

Maybe, maybe not

Put watermelons

In a small berry basket

But they won’t be safe

Would you, perhaps, eat

A bullet at its top speed

Streaking towards you?

If you were to shrink

To the size of a pea, are

Your feet your first thought?

If you were to sprout

A tail, where would you keep it?

Not in your pocket

1 comment:

woolley ones said...

so fun!
what IS the recipe for a Haiku?
your series on ontario is also lovely
who doesn't like having poetry written about themselves!????
see you soon