Monday, June 13, 2011

wild weekend

the storms came through on Wednesday and the power went out. So we made it through the first 24 hours. still no power. freezers stayed tight closed, glenn went to bring home blocks of ice for the fridge. ALL filled to the brim with food - sides of lamb, all of the processed chicken. YIKES.
Lucky our neighbours down the street got their power back, we found out through facebook ... and mom spying into my account (as per my permission of course)
so we headed over for a shower (remember in the country, no power means no water)
and the offered us a generator
so we had enough juice to keep the freezers topped off
and the phones went down
friday ... nothin and rumours it would be till sunday.
the SHEARING ... still a go and no way to contact everyone to call it off
had the gennie to allow the shears to work.
LJ and fam bring bottled drinking water
the super Hickey fam lend us the cottage again if needed.
and we manage, and the 100% rain forecast holds till after noon when we're done
lots of fun for all.
Fiona and I both took a bit off one of the sheeps. Llamas especially funny now (simon held the leash while the llama was tied to a pole)
thanks to LJ and CC for the photos.
Celebrated wee Chloe's 4th birthday too and a pre-dads day for Lj
Dave's should be on the way this week along with Benjamin's long lost power cord for his DS! (not forgotten and quite safe!)

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