Wednesday, December 26, 2007

more pix, Now with added vitamins and text!

Opening belated birthday presents for Francis and I before heading south to Corinne's parents home in Vergt.
The harbour at St. Jean de Luz in Basque country, in the south of France.
We left Simon to visit with Mamy and Papy in Vergt while we went on a little trip south into Spain for a couple of days. Chloe seems to like the hotel lifestyle...
Market day in St Jean de Luz. Bread, and the local specialty cheeze and ham.Breakfast of hot chocolate and pain au chocolate before heading to Spain to Pamplona.

As we arrived, the schools were having a traditional christmas festival (last day before holidays) dressed in traditional outfits carrying the basque version of Pere Noel and playing music.

One of the signs along the 200m of streets where the Bulls run in July.

A statue near the bull fight stadium. Get'em el Toro!One of the residential streets in the old part of the city.

Chloe and her fashion namesake store.
A funky night scene in a small french town where we stopped for dinner on the way back from Pamplona.

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