Sunday, February 15, 2009

oh the humerous is dis-connected from the scapula

what was to be a lovely family valentine's day at the 21st annual Lakehurst winter carnival
started out lovely
we had lox and bagel for breakfast (fiona apparently likes lox now)
and wandered over with our skates at 11 ish
Fiona played the kids games and won 5 prizes before we headed for the ice rink at 11:30
I had all kinds of pr material for moppets - flyers, gum
as there are tons of kids from all over that come.

I had given out about 1/2 of my valentines super packs before hitting the ice
Fiona and I went skating, daddy took video
And boy did I hit the ice
I went to kick a passing puck, caught my pick
spun around and landed backwards on my left arm
I knew I had done something as it wouldn't move far or correctly
there were 2 paramedics on site
with all the layers they couldn't diagnose it but we headed for the hospital
man was that painful ... but not like Lorne's AC split
right up there with gall bladder and childbirth.
we were fast tracked and got some meds in to barely take the edge off the pain.
they x-rayed, knocked me out with some wonder drug and I woke up with my arm back where it belonged and in far less pain.
I'm in a sling for 6 weeks
moving it best I can
physio I hope. we'll check out our coverage shortly
daily exercises for sure
gotta get that puppy back in shape carefully

Fiona stayed at the carnival with friends and helped to sell tickets and do raffles and go on pony and sleigh rides.
Our neighbours had invited us for dinner so it made life easier.
Glenn's working but helped get me put together.
I can do almost everything except fastening a bra. Something Lorne didn't have to deal with

Moppets is due to be a full house tomorrow with Family Day so Fiona will have to do all the actions and I'll take it easy with the arm and sing my heart out.

keep ya posted

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