Friday, February 13, 2009

wouldn't you have loved to ...

Fiona's teacher placed a challenge to her class to raise money for the Polar Plunge ... another teacher was to jump in the freezing lake and the entire school backs her cause, the children of Honduras.
IF the class could get $50, each of the 19 in the class could throw a cream pie in his face.
day one total: $24
day two: $145
They got over $200 by the end and today was ...
PIE IN THE FACE day as the wrap to spirit week.
I was lucky to attend, and it should be on the CHEX TV.COM website tonight too.
here are the pix. I have video footage of Fiona's throw. the best to that time.
Will put that up next time I get near high speed.
The wet shot is the teacher who plunged giving Mr. Hogan a soaking (his punishment for interrupting her literacy class and getting called on it by the class)
happy valentine's day almost

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