Thursday, April 23, 2009

Judy Bradt: 2009 American Small Business Coalition Member of the Year

"In retrospect, it seems as if Judy Bradt has been positioning herself for this for the last few years," says Chief Visionary and Co-Founder, Guy Timberlake. "Judy has methodically increased her level of visibility and participation each year which is directly attributed to her level of exposure in The ASBC Community."

Judy and her company, Summit Insight, joined the membership in 2006 and Judy is involved with The ASBC at multiple levels. She is a member of the Ambassador Corps and participates in the newly formed Women Presidents, Owners and Chief Executives Group (Women's POCx). In addition, Judy assumed hostess duties for The ASBC's weekly Business Over Breakfast event at the Tower Club in March and didn't miss a beat."

"Judy has always been an active Member of The ASBC community. In the last year she made mastering her relationship with The ASBC and other Members a personal mission," explains Margaret Timberlake, President and Co-Founder of The ASBC."By incorporating 'The ASBC' into her conversation she has greatly contributed to the level of buzz about The ASBC causing others to come find out what The ASBC has to offer. We often hear or see when new Members are signing up, 'I was referred by Judy Bradt' no matter if it is someone she met online or at one of her seminars. Her energy and spirit and untiring willingness to assist both The ASBC and fellow Members are a few of the reasons she was selected as Member of the Year."


Anonymous said...

way cool. good to see that there is a happy way to get one of those folded up American Flags.

Mom Bradt said...

Congrats once again, Judy. You continue to make us all proud with your many achievements. Well done...Mom

Judy Bradt said...

This flag was flown over the Capitol...on April 13th 2009! so, a connection with David, too!