Wednesday, April 01, 2009

april fool prankster

Fiona has turned out to be quite the little rascal. She and I surfed the web to find the best of pranks to play on daddy this morning. Dad went to the barn last night (to find twin boy lambs now named cornelius and barnaby) and stayed while we set up the house.
First we sewed the leg of his pants shut, then stitched a bunch of his underwear to each other - take out one pair and a whole string of em will come out of the drawer!
then we salted up a pot of coffee (since we couldn't swap sugar for salt as none of us take sugar in coffee)
We dyed the milk hot pink
stacked the microwave with little balls (ours is up high if you forget)
stuffed toilet paper in the tips of his shoes
put a sign on the bumper of the car that read "HONK @ april fool"

fiona could barely contain herself in not telling the jokes
Daddy found the stuffed shoes last night but loved that one.
The pink milk was next as he poured it on fiona's cereal
then the microwave tumbled out the balls as fiona crashed laughing on the floor.
His face with salty coffee was priceless - after all else, not expected.
HE got on the bus this morning instead of fiona
ok, well, just for a minute anyway.
We put plastic fruit and food in Fiona's lunch (and delivered a real lunch to school before she knew)
Daddy called to advise he almost fell over putting on his pants
he didn't hit the underwear drawer this am so that will have to show up later.
HE did wonder why everyone was honking all the way to work and found out why at the gas station
haha ha ha
what fun
fiona will love to hear what hijynx you all planned!
happy foolish day to all!

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