Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Monday Report from Sorrento

Where Did sunday go? whew. The camp progresses wonderfully. The smoke from the fires was pretty severe today; I understand they did a controlled burn on Mount Martin, just south of us, so that didn't make it any easier. But the ash wasnt' too bad.

I learned that there are about 140 students at camp this week. Compare this to the normal 220, and last weeks 270. The early school year start totally shifted things around for the participants. On the postitive side, there's never any lineups at dinner.

Tonight was the "band scramble" where you put your name in the hat, and they build random bands, and give you 15 minutes to come up with an arrangement - then you go on stage and play. We had 2 mandolins, 2 guitars, 1 banjo, 1 violin, and 1 bass (me). We did "Blue Rigde Cabin home", which is the ONLY song I've ever received instruction in singing harmony on. So that was fun. There's a video, I'll post it when I know how to.

I didnt' tell you that on Friday evening, just after arriving, I had my bass sitting on the festival stage while I was talking with a friend I had met last year, and I heard a sad "POP" sound from the bass. Turns out one of the seams around the face let go. So I brought it to the camp luthier, who, in a matter of 4 hours, glued it, clamped it, adjusted the tailpiece, and re-tuned it. All for $40, and it sound better than it has yet. That's cool.

The Actual dobro class is very good. Ivan Rosenberg is an awesome teacher, and he's teaching fundamental stuff that will build the basic vocabulary of playing. I'm enjoying it very much, and learning a ton.

There's more jamming tonight, and I'm ready!


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