Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wednesday Morning in Sorrento..

What happended to Tuesday? They say time flies when you're having fun, and I"ll tell you all, time is just flying sooooo quickly.

I've dumped the 2 GB card from the camera to the laptop 3 times so far, adn we're only half way done. The classes are great: Ivan's great. Yesterday, I wore my T-Shirt with his album cover on the back. I asked him to sign it, and he was flabbergasted. 'Cause he didn't release shirts like that!

It finally rained last night. about 2 hours worth, on an off, from a sprinkle to a torrent, with the winds to boot. The air was FINALLY clear and quite breathable yesterday evening. Unfortunately, this morning, it's back to smokey, and the forecast is again for 30 degrees in the BC interior.

I was up until 2:00 am on Monday night jamming, and then up again at 6:45 for breakfast. Then Monday started the Tae Chi classes. I did them Monday and Tueday, and we learned the first 8 moves, or so. It's interesting, but takes a good deal of "unlearning" from my Tae Kwon Do training. the class is going on right now, as I type, but I decided to do this, instead.

I had to ditch a workshop on "10 essential Dobro Licks" yesterday, in favour of the "Make your 1-5 come alive" bass workshop. A hard choice, but you do what you must. I think Ivan will re-perform the key licks for me so I can at least get them on video.

Last night, after the instructor concert, I went to the Slow Pitch jam (inside) and then the Old Tyme Jam (in the snack tent). I played until 12:45. Then decided I had stayed up too late the night before. and was on my way to bed. When I hear some more folks back at the old tyme tent.

And then I got the bass out again and played until 2:00. It's so amazing....
Gotta get to class in 4 Minutes!!!!
more later.

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Sue said...

I like the banjo player with the towel on his head. Must have been a hard night!