Tuesday, January 19, 2010

here's mine

Looks like we got to carry OUR prayer books with us
and I got a scroll
Mum, feel free to enlighten me on any potential tokens I would have gotten above the prayerbook and rosary (in a little pouch).
I do remember the pastel angels though.
Maybe I should post this on the St. Martin Of Tours facebook page to see if anyone finds themselves in it!
Not sure who the classic photographer was on the mum and dad photo in front of the house though. Maybe Judy?? early start to her career?


Anonymous said...

now those steps are familiar!!! grew up on them on Blanmora! so nice to see these photos... I will have to find the photos I have of you and Karen Sharp playing with me at 86 Blanmora (Mary & Peter Swinarchin's place!) and forward them onto you...

we also went to St. Martin of Tours and had our 1st Communion with Father Warren too...(that was about 1972/73ish)

Judy Bradt said...

Dear Visitor:
who AAAAre you? A Swinarchin? Someone else? let us know!