Monday, January 25, 2010

The vacuum cleaner...

There's ZERO info on the web about this show. As I recall. the vacuum cleaner was called CRUDZ. Or something like that.

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Judy Bradt said...

I called up a guy from my French class in second year at U of T who is now a television anchor at TVO. In a series of emails referred within TVO, I have been told I'll hear from Kathy Marchese in TVO’s Sales/Licensing department.

Laura Lucas, archivist, said that
“National Mulch” was an 11-episode series produced in 1972. It may be available for sale depending on the rights situation with the actors.

(Just for your information, TVO's identifier # for this series is 0725.)

Dave thoughtfully inquired as to whether there was anyone I DIDN'T date at U of T. I can honestly say that in the famous Canadian journalists and authors category, I never went out with either Ian Hanoomansingh (because he was at Dal, for starters) or Andrew Coyne.