Saturday, December 30, 2006

"....and that says volumes for the Peloponesians..."

I have no idea where this quote comes from; I only know I've been using it for years.

Three thoughts for perhaps our next skype:

- Head of the Line -- following up on Karen's suggestion, this one could be an opportunity for us to interview parents and / or finish our collections/transcriptions of our parents, and collate and annotate more of those old photos while peope even remotely related to them remember who/what/where they are.

- Leaving and Coming Home: a volume I'd be willing to work on, between the Oshawa years (which begin to end in 1976 for me, and 1982 for Dave?) and ... how would you define the transition between that and...

- The Next Generation: a volume already between ten and twenty years old, depending on how one is counting.

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ooblio said...

"The Peloponesians were in awe of his wisdom; which says volumes about the Pelopenesians...
Socretes won the war, and returned to Athens in a Triumph. Then, over to Marathon in a BMW. Finally, he bombed back to Athens in a Chevy Biscayne."