Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Day of Pugilism

Nobody's fighting, but it IS Boxing Day.

We had a great Christmas here on Woodbine. Skyped with Calgary Christmas Eve and day and with Judy Christmas day. Talked to dad Christmas day. Mom for a very late French christmas eve dinner and another on Christmas day. Karen and clan all came by with Santa on Christmas eve. Simon has been having a great time with all the excitement and people including his little cousin Thomas around.

So today we're off for the traditional boxing day sales!

ps. ok so it's not spelled pugalism. thx judy. I actually googled it to check but there is so much junk on the web now that there's lots of boxing references that include the same misspelling I used.

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Judy Bradt said...

that would be "pugilism" if it were spelled correctly... even though the reference would more properly be something like "a day of donation," eh? (You DO know where the term comes from, right? NOT the Boxer Rebellion, not Boxer Shorts... in England, the day after Christmas was the day the Master and Mistress of the House gave the Help their Christmas Boxes, and maybe the day off.