Wednesday, December 27, 2006

J3 on Salt Spring Island



Lorne said...

Great pix Judy. Very good variety of subject. How did you find out about that place/area?

Judy Bradt said...

we visited in 2003 -- stayed at a cottage called Seido En -- and were quite taken with the natural beauty and the combination of community (about 9000 full time residents, many more surge in summer) and undeveloped space. The development plans were set in the 1970's and -- in theory -- are not going to change or add any more development or subdivision of lots. Many phases of the 1970's plans are decades from being opened up. Things, including anything to do with land sales, move very slowly there, with many levels of approvals required by both the Province and the Islands Trust. Rob recommended the B+B we stayed at, and IT is for sale. (NO we have no desire to do laundry, baking, decorating, and socializing for strangers, nor in buying a 7000 square foot residence to take care of for any reason.) We would like to live and write like recluses who have no need to earn an income, and can enjoy life in a beautiful place that does not involve much sub-zero weather, snow, traffic jams, overblown impressions of political self-importance, or humid heat waves. By those lights, Salt Spring has a lot going for it.