Sunday, December 17, 2006

j3 Seasons Greetings are ready online...

All the best to you! We'll see you very soon in Toronto...and hope to see the Calgary Bradts more often in 2007!

Click here for slideshow of 2006 Highlights, otherwise known as the e-version of our holiday card...

I used a program to compact this file, so the zillion images are not high-rez, but most look okay and download MUCH faster. I hope you approve.

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ooblio said...

A ha! Now I can read it. OK, very nice summary of the year. And it's good to see the pic of your solatube installation. I only heard about that one.

Enjoy your trip, relax, and I hope to speak with you just after Christams day, when you're back in DC. Then we can do the family Skype on New Years' Eve from the Bradtenella residence.