Friday, August 01, 2008

Changes are coming;

This week was Simon's last Tuesday Nap at Gramma's. I love the little angel's pink halo! It's actually his favourite beady pillow. We've had lots of fine times together on Tuesdays. In September Simon will go off to school...can't believe it, and little sister Chloe will come and spend Tuesdays with Gramma! Besides playing the piano, we'll have to have outings to .....the library, the museum....and of course to check out Prada, Chanel, and cruise through Holt's! It will be a new experience for both of us! I look forward to visits with Fiona too, and certainly to Skyping with Benjamin and Natalie as well, and visiting in Calgary and Arlington. All the grands are growing up, and I don't want to miss any of that.
Visiting with their parents is great too, and I delight in having all my grown up kids around whenever they can visit or be visited.
Thanks to all of you for making the wedding festivities on 06, 07, 08 such a wonderful and unforgettable day for Lorne and Corinne and especially for me. I'm a very lucky Mom to have such a beautiful, talented and loving family. Thanks again for everything.
Love and hugs....always.....Mom

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