Thursday, August 28, 2008

a decade and a half ago

Lorne was in Hong Kong
and the rest of the clan ventured to Toronto to witness Karen finding her "keeper guy", and keeping him, and not squishing him like a bug.
what a journey since then.
Dad and Arlene hosted the breakfast at the Prince Hotel
Pam and Mike hosted the party that followed.
The day was blessed with lovely weather as all of our wedding days were.
(J3 had the blizzard the day BEFORE right?)

G's working today, but we're meeting up for a trio dinner somewhere.
maybe swiss chalet, mabe sushi - either will work for me!

Thanks for all your support and patience and most of all forgiveness over the years for all the things that happened that made us grow.
maybe I'll try on my wedding dress today for the first time since then!

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