Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Few Days in Provence

3 families on tour at Roussillon in Provence.

Simon, Maude and Elliot dacning around a bizzare rock formation in a forrest not so far from Mulen. Looks like something out of Lord of the Flies...

We left Vergt on Sunday and are spending a few days near a small town outside Avignon with Corinne's friend Lolo and her family and some other friends. It's a very nice place to stay. We co a little sight seeing in the mornings, have lunch and laze at the pool for the afternoon. It's like a vacation or something.

Lots of pics from the last 3 weeks. Have to do another gallery of the wedding along with those too.

Simon and Chloe are having a good time. Chloe got mosquito bit about 20 times and managed to keep scratching till she is a bit of a mess but we have it under control now. We are more bothered than she is by it.

Hard to believe we'll be home in only 5 more days...
there. fixed the pix.

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