Thursday, August 14, 2008

We Find That It's Always The Same

The J3 Tropical Update

Well, with everyone else posting things, I suppose we can drop a line in here. I had put off posting until I sorted my pictures, but concluded that I could just as easily pick one out of last year's bunch , as I keep thinking I take the same ones every year anyway.

We got back late last Saturday from nine days on PSV, about a day ahead of our luggage, which was moving more sluggishly than we were during our last plane change in Atlanta. Not that we cared.

Actually, I became more adept at managing the sea kayak solo, and circuited the island at least half the days I was there, and seemed to have remembered a bit about the boardsailing I did the previous summer, too -- which is to say, I got much further out into the open ocean, downwind and pushed by a strong current, before running out of any skill to tack back, and having to get a tow (which is what the boat guys are there for). And decided to learn to sail both the sunfish and the HobieCat, which I did successfully circling two different islands and tacking back and forth between them.

JJ and I both read the first of Barack Obama's two autobiographies, and another book by Tony Horowitz, "A Journey Long and Strange" (about America's discoverers between the Vikings and the Pilgrims), and I mowed through another three novels and a book about how the Grand Canyon was created (actually more complicated than "a river runs through it, dummy").

And we ate and slept and napped and bobbed (well, mostly me) and beachwalked and climbed the island's hill, and watched the ocean a lot.

Perfectly boring. You'd hate it. Don't bother coming. ;)

Work is trundling along for us both; if there's news, we'll let you know.


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