Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 weeks and counting

Ok, so I didn't quite get it done in 3 weeks. Gave it a shot...

Sat. Nov. 20th: Electrician was a no show so we did other stuff while waiting. Ended up going to the Science Center with Chloe while mom took Simon (short on privileges for now) for groceries. I went out to get the paint (YAY! We picked the colors!) and it took so long for the guy to mix it that we didn't go to Ikea afterall. Just Corinne went to get organizers etc while the electrician finally showed up8 hours late. But he did bring the family with him! Finally we have cooktop and all electrical done!

Sun. Nov. 21: Opted to put up christmas lights with Simon instead of kitchening before the Santa Claus Parade. Went to check out a couple of tables and decided on a legless one (tables just can't drink. and how do you drink a table under the table?) to customize.
Went all the way to Vaughan Ikea to pick up the last drawer front and it turned out to be the 'old birch', ie wrong colour.
I started the paint prep.

Mon. : Officially 3 weeks since the old kitchen left. Coulda been back in but decided to wait till paint is done. Paint is taking longer than expected as the old paint seems to be bubbling off the walls in places so I have to scrape off chunks of new paint and old paint and old powdery plaster, replaster, sand prime and paint various areas. arrrghh.
I put in the new computer desk/shelf.

Tues. 23rd: spent an hour at Ikea trying to track my drawer order as they have been telling me for a week that it's enroute from Montreal. Resolutions finally sent someone out to take the case and she said she'll get back to me once she traces the order. She call's me 40 min later to tell me the PART IS IN THE STORE and likely has been for days. Aarrrrrggghhh.

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