Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like kitch-en

Friday Nov. 26th: Cut and placed tile most of the day. It seems to be staying in place. Ground glass bits everywhere. I learned that you don't need to FILL the water basin in the wet saw. Makes for too much floor mopping... That seems like a good thing. Put up the under-counter lights but still have to run the wiring.

Sat 27th: We all went shopping all afternoon. Got this year's ornaments.
Went in search of one of the most perplexing kitchen components yet. Garbage bins. I bought a selection and decided to stuff them all under the sink and let them fight it out for supremacy. Winner doesn't get returned.
I finally started grouting at 9pm and quickly realized I didn't have enough to finish. What we did finish seems to be working ok though. Floor is done except for stripping and resealing.

Sun. 28th.: Back to Homedepot for grout. No winner in the garbage bin battle so I went with one we previously passed on. Still have to find something good for the compost thingy.
Gotta get the rest of the outdoor lights powered. Also going to make an advent wreath to go with the first sunday of advent and the opening of the kids calendars (from Calgary folk). Yummmmm.
Except that it's not a chocolate calendar but a toy one, which is better for the kids but not as good for dad...
Grout is done. Gotta post some pictures soon.

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