Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Twelfth Night Act 1 Scene 1

The new table, ready for dinner

Sue was asking where the fridge is.

Tiles laid out for install.

Up goes the tile
Couldn't have done it without the tile wet saw.

A taste of France, and an Eiffel tower too...
Wiping down the grout.

It's the answer to a question that will undoubtably arise.

Mon. Nov. 29: Applique day. Also worked on wiring the under-counter lights.

Tues. Nov 30th: One month to the day. Lights are in, backsplash done with trim and caulk. Built and installed a keyboard drawer.
Just sealing left to do so I'm gonna say it's all done. Whew! Tomorrow we'll seal the grout and strip and seal the floor and then post final pictures.

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