Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing day...

Did stop at Staples to get one of these:

So we'll see if the image quality improves any once I hook it up. Havent' done so yet.

Went to the Science Centre for a couple of hours, then tried to fly Benjmain's new RC Helicopter. Found out that it wouldn't hold a charge, so I've called the Source to get an exchange. They have to courier one in from another city, so it'll be a couple of days.

Susan's making Yorkshire Puddings for to eat with Round II of Turkey Dinner. Yummy!

Speaking of nice things Susan does for me, she also bought me a proper chair for my computer hidey-hole under the stairs, so I don't have to slouch in a badly arranged wooden chair while I'm at the computer. Very nice.

I also received the latest Pratchett book, Wintersmith, which I'm reading.

Susan received a book entitled "Marley & Me", which she's been reading since yesterday. Last night, she was in complete tears from laughing so much, I thought she was going to have to go and have a little lie down. I'm looking forward to reading it after her, just to see what made her laugh so hard. She's been doing more laugh-out-loud laughing than I get out of a good Discworld novel, so it's got to be good.

Speaking of Discworld, the Brits put together a 3-hour adaptation of one of the Pratchett novels, "The Hogfather", which I ripped off the internet and Susan and I have been watching. Not a bad job, considering the complexity of the subject matter, and the richness of the Universe that Terry Pratchett created. Look for it on a torrent near you. Or I can mail a copy if anybody's interested...

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Mom Bradt said...

I would love to see "The Hogfather", if you can get a copy to me. I'll see if I can get the Discworld and Marley & Me from the Library. I like to have recommended reading. THanks.